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Axial SCX10 Pro - Portal Conversion Kit

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Ökad markfrigång och bredd!
Helt set
SCX10 Pro
Med detta kit kan du ge din SCX10 Pro ett PRO45 portalaxelsats som ger dig 13,8 mm extra markfrigång och 13,6 mm bredd. Levereras komplett för båda axlarna med nödvändig hårdvara.
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In competition or simply while trekking the trails, your Axial SCX10 Pro crawler is equipped to conquer nearly any challenge. It?s even more unstoppable when you raise your rig?s performance with the SCX10 Pro PRO45 Portal Axle Kit. Fully assembled and ready to install, the Pro Portal Axle Kit makes it fast and easy to add portals and expand the breadth of your SCX10 Pro adventures.

The Pro Portal Axle Kit improves your Axial SCX10 Pro crawler?s capabilities with a pair of powerful climbing advantages. First, it increases the ground clearance by 13.8mm, or over half an inch. The extra clearance lets you maneuver with confidence over obstacles that leave other 1/10 scale rigs hung up and helpless.

Second, the Pro Portal Axle Kit adds 13.6mm to the track width for greater stability. You?ll see an immediate improvement in sidehill performance. Tackle tough lines over slopes and up steep inclines, knowing that your SCX10 Pro has the grip it needs to get to the finish.

The Axial SCX10 Pro PRO45 Portal Axle Kit comes complete with a steerable portal axle and a fixed rear portal axle. Both are fully assembled, and the kit includes all the hardware and instructions needed for installation. Add it to your SCX10 Pro and outclimb your competition!
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